Trying to figure out what to wear at your boudoir session? We’ve got a few tips to help you out when you’re planning your session with Beautifully You Boudoir!

Wear what makes you feel sexy! Boudoir sessions are all about bringing out your sexy side, so if you put something on and you feel uncomfortable, move on to the next option. Consider it sort of like searching for the perfect wedding dress. When you put it on and can’t help but spin in front of the mirror or thing, “Heck yes! I’m Sexy!” then that is the piece you should wear on shoot day!

Consider what your spouse likes, too! Maybe they love the way you look in the color red, or he still talks about that baby doll number you wore a couple years ago. If he’s into sports or a certain hobby, play into that, as well. We’ve had some super fun ideas here in the studio! Such as a video game controller, a wake board and even a hockey stick!

Opt for lingerie that flatters your favorite parts. If you’ve got an impressive rack (yes, we’re gonna go there!), then choose something that really shows off that feature. Maybe you’re a fan of your own derriere and want to show him the goods, too. Chose a piece that accentuates whatever features you love most about yourself.

Footwear matters, too! It’s so easy to go into a less-than-classy vibe depending on your footwear. Shoes that scream “sexy sophistication.” FYI: Heels can also do a lady good when it comes to posture and accentuating muscles in her legs.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! These are just a few of the many available in our full Boudoir Guide and we have even more tips when you join our newsletter! Here and Beautifully You Boudoir, we cannot wait to work with you!


What’s new for 2022?

As we all know, 2020 and 2021 have been rather complicated and sometimes stressful! My mission for 2022 is to uplift as many women as possible! I will need some help! So for 2022 I am opening up an Ambassador Program!!! If this sounds like something you are interested I would love to hear from you!

Applications are being accepted until 10/16/2021


What if we could prove to you that that little voice inside your head that whispers all those nagging insecurities is a bold-faced-liar? Well, we can.

Guiding women through mastering their curves and revealing their inner goddess is exactly what we’re good at! Not to mention that is what drives us! The ability to help a woman conquer those inner thoughts that falsely inform us that we aren’t good enough, aren’t pretty enough, aren’t thin enough, or even too thin. Everyone has them, but not everyone gets to kick them to the curb in sexy style. Let us help you Kick your insecurities to the curb!

Every body IS gorgeous. I have yet to meet a single woman who didn’t radiate beauty in front of the camera. We have the honor of creating beautiful boudoir portraiture of women of all ages, all body types, and from every walk of life. Diverse beauty inspires us and fuels our work.

Whether you’re starting out in the world fresh from your college, or emerging from the rubbish of a 15-year marriage ready to make a new mark on the world, a luxury portrait session will celebrate just how fantastic you are today is a rite of passage and a sultry passport to future adventures.

More than self-care: it’s a long term investment in you. Getting a mani-pedi is a great bit of self-care, but it only lasts a a short while, and then the craziness and work of life chips away at that pretty veneer, leaving its mark on that carefully chosen polish.

 The shine, the radiance, the empowerment that a woman leaves with after her boudoir session, is a light that shines indefinitely.  There is literally no better gift you can give yourself than an afternoon of pampering, which fills your soul with confidence, pride, and joy.

Of course, a gift for yourself can remain private, or you can share it with someone special. A portrait session with the best Beautifully You Boudoir is a great investment in you but also makes for a shocking, jaw-dropping, sultry gift.

What sets boudoir apart from regular portraiture? Wen you walk out the door, you’re overflowing with confidence, and for months and years to come, that stream of strength and confidence will be there to remind you of just how awesome you. A constant reminder of just how adventurous, daring, and bold you truly are, because sometimes we forget this in the process of taking care of others in our lives.

We forget to take a moment to pause, slow down, and appreciate our bodies and everything they do. We forget to celebrate those features about ourselves that get overlooked all too often. You deserve an afternoon where amazing professionals create a space of relaxation where an appreciation of you creates inspired, gorgeous photography.


Planning your boudoir session is almost as much fun as doing the session. We love to be creative with your scenes to create a space where you look as comfortable and gorgeous as you feel. Our clients are always inspiring us with their ideas, and we’ve curated seven different sexy concepts that you can use as inspiration for planning your upcoming boudoir session.


Bridal Boudoir sessions are fun, fresh, and pure sexy. Fluffy white duvets, your wedding shoes, and white lingerie set a ray and romantic tone. Wedding veils are perfect for playing peek-a-boo with a bit of skin and a sultry smile. You can do a pre-wedding session to create the perfect grooms’ gift or later to celebrate your annoversary.


Flirty & Floral Boudoir sessions are a creative way to work some more natural beauty into your session. Wearing nothing but a smile and a crown of flowers, set against a beautiful backdrop of greenery looks blissfully sensual.


Taking nature and floral concepts to another level is the Boho Boudoir look. Mixing together natural textures, headbands, and macramé, vintage couches, beds, a boho session is a mix of lace, hoop earrings, nature and scintillating skin. We can do the session outdoors!


There’s something absolutely classic about a White Sheet Boudoir Session. If cute lingerie or accessories aren’t your vibe, there’s something extra hot about a white sheet draped over your curves with skin exposed here and there. They make stunning black and white portraits and have a timeless feel.


Of course, as fall rolls in, a Sweater Weather Boudoir Session seems like and easy choice to make! Everyone has that one extra-comfy sweater that drips off one shoulder just a little and skims the top of her thighs just so, and it just so happens that might just be the perfect boudoir outfit. Getting lost in a comfortable knit is flirty and oh-so girl-next-door!


Baring all can also mean embracing something a little crazy, cool like doing a Neon No-Limits Boudoir Session! WE have a set with gels and neon signs which create and electric, sexy scene for you to “turn on your red light” so-to-speak. It’s a modern and artistic spin with a hit of a 70s feel.


You can always embrace your inner bombshell and plan a Vintage Pin-Up Boudoir Session. From the amazing coiffed hair to the classic red lips, Flared skirts, or cute bikinis, pin-up sessions are full of cheeky character. Celebrate those curves with some high heels on a checkboard floor, or bare all with soft curl trailing down your back while kneeling on a pillow; pin-up sessions offer clients a variety of options.

So what do you think of these boudoir shoot ideas? Your boudoir session should unleash your inner siren, replenish your confidence, and leave you feeling confident, sexy and empowered. Ready to bare all surrounded by just rose petals? We’ve got you! Looking to pamper yourself and play dress-up in a vintage 70s sheer sundress or some fabulous high heels and a 50s apron; we’re totally here for that, too! We’re ready to help you plan your next boudoir adventure whenever you’re ready!